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Environmental Compliance: A Simplified National Guide
PLEASE NOTE: This publication is no longer being updated.
Environmental Compliance: A Simplified National Guide provides a hands-on approach on becoming compliant with environmental legislations and regulations, as well as an effective means of keeping records. Environmental Compliance: A Simplified National Guide uses a question-and-answer format and includes detailed coverage of federal laws and references the leading state legislation governing environmental and occupational health and safety, transportation management, and facility and homeland security. This environmental compliance guide is ideal for both small and large quantity generators of hazardous waste.  

State Differences Summaries and Checklists can be purchased to complement this Federal Guide:  Available for 50 states and Puerto Rico; California is available as a separate Guide.

Please call 1-800-251-0381 or Contact Us to receive pricing of Environmental Compliance: A Simplified national Guide, including the State Difference of your choice.

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Topic Area
    • Accidental release prevention air toxics, emergencies
    • Air quality pollutants
    • Air toxics routine emissions
    • Bloodborne pathogen standard
    • Chemical process safety management
    • Emergency planning and community right-to-know (SARA Title III)
    • Emergency response planning
    • Facility and homeland security
    • HAZWOPER standards
    • Industrial discharges to sewers pretreatment
    • Laboratory requirements
    • Pesticide regulation
    • Pollution prevention and improved waste-management programs
    • Regulation of hazardous wastes
    • Regulation of medical wastes
    • Regulation of storage tanks (USTs/ASTs)
    • Release reporting and response overall summary
    • Resource Conservation and Recovery Act of 1976 (RCRA)
    • Transportation of hazardous materials and wastes
    • Water quality control
    • Worker protection, including hazard communication, and the employer's \general duty\ responsibilities
Supplementary Materials Includes sample forms; chemical lists; agency addresses, telephone and fax numbers, and e-mail and Web addresses; list of acronyms; and subject index