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International Audit Protocols - Belgium: Federal & Flanders

Specialty Technical Consultants

The Belgium Federal and Flanders Audit Protocol for environmental, health and safety (EH&S) is organized around seventeen topics, with a separate module devoted to each. Record keeping and training is included within each module.

Each of the Belgium Federal and Flanders audit protocol modules begin with a summary description of the various regulations covered and is followed by the body of the protocol itself, which contains a series of audit questions relating to the applicable legislation. Important clarifying information is included either as a \Note\ to a particular question or in an accompanying table or appendix.

A unique feature, Audit Quick Check (AQC), allows for recording of audit findings and five different sort options to facilitate reporting.

The guide is deliverable in the STP Xcelerator tool or through EMIS systems.

These Belgium Federal and Flanders audit protocol modules have been prepared to reflect the principal EH&S legislation that applies to facilities located in the Flanders Region of Belgium and includes all relevant EU requirements.

2017 Edition

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  • Ministry of Social Affairs and Public Health (Belgium)
  • Environment, Nature, Land and Water Management Administration (AMINAL) (Flanders)
  • General Rules for Labor Protection (Belgium)
  • Waste Prevention Management Decree (Flanders)
  • Decree of June 28, 1985 on Environmental Permits (Flanders)