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Environmental Auditing: Federal Air Quality MACT Standards for Mineral Processing Industry

Specialty Technical Consultants, Inc. (STC)

Environmental Auditing: Federal Air Quality MACT Standards for Mineral Processing Industry provides audit checklists for the air quality management rules in 40 CFR Part 60 (Subparts OOO, PPP, UUU), 40 CFR 63 (Subpart NNN and HHHH) specific to:

  • Nonmetallic Mineral Processing
  • Rotary Spin Wool Fiberglass Insulation Manufacturing Plants.
  • Calciners and Dryers in the Mineral Industries.
  • Wool Fiberglass Manufacturers.
  • Wet-formed Fiberglass Mat Producers.

This publication is offered in conjunction with Environmental Auditing: Federal Compliance Guide. The Air Quality Management module in this Federal Guide covers air requirements that apply broadly to a variety of industrial operations.

The Environmental Auditing: Federal Compliance Guide is also complemented by the full range of 50 Environmental State Difference Summaries and Checklists for 49 states, and Puerto Rico. California is available separately.

These guides are indispensable resources for environmental and occupational health and safety professionals, attorneys, and corporate counsel.

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Environmental Auditing: Federal Air Quality MACT Standards for Manufacturing and Distribution of Petroleum and Petroleum Products must be purchased with either Environmental Auditing: Federal Compliance Guide, or Environmental Auditing: Integrated Federal and California Compliance Guide.
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Environmental Auditing: Federal Air Quality MACT Standards for Manufacturing and Distribution of Petroleum and Petroleum Products

Rulebook A: New Source Performance Standards for Petroleum Product Manufacturing

Rulebook B: NESHAP Standards for Benzene Waste Operations

Rulebook C: MACT Standards for Petroleum Refineries

Rulebook D: MACT Standards for Petroleum Refineries: Catalytic Cracking Units, Catalytic Reforming Units, and Sulfur Recovery Units

This product will cover:

  • Refinery NSPS 40 CFR 60 Subparts J and Ja (cover criteria pollutant emissions, including particulates (PM), SO2, NOx, and carbon monoxide (CO) from FCCU catalyst regenerators, fuel gas combustion devices (FGCD) and sulfur recovery plants. Refinery subpart Ja also regulates criteria pollutant emissions from fluid coking units and delayed coking units (DCU)).
  • 40 CFR 60 Subpart QQQ Standards of Performance for VOC Emissions from Petroleum Refinery Wastewater Systems. Subpart QQQ covers VOC emissions from petroleum refinery wastewater systems and specifically applies to individual drain systems, oil-water separators and aggregate facilities.
  • National Emission Standard for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP) for benzene waste operations 40 CFR 61 Subpart FF. Subpart FF covers benzene-containing wastes generated by petroleum refineries, chemical manufacturing plants, coke by-product recovery plants, and the hazardous waste treatment, storage and disposal (TSD) facilities that treat, store, or dispose of benzene-containing wastes generated by those industries.
  • 40 CFR 63 Subpart CC also known as Refinery MACT 1. Subpart CC covers emission sources from petroleum refinery process units not regulated under other MACT standards. Emission sources regulated in 40 CFR 63 Subpart CC include miscellaneous process vents, storage vessels, wastewater, equipment leaks, gasoline loading racks, marine tank vessel loading, and heat exchange systems.
  • 40 CFR 63 Subpart UUU also known as Refinery MACT 2. Subpart UUU regulates process vents on catalytic cracking units (CCU), including fluidized catalytic cracking units (FCCU), catalytic recovery units (CRU) and sulfur recovery units.



Environmental Auditing: Federal Compliance Guide covers Federal Air Quality requirement

Applicability Tables Applicability Tables facilitate quick and easy determination of which regulations and sections of the environmental audit checklists apply to specific facility operations
Pre-Audit Preparation Lists materials to be reviewed before conducting an audit
Rulebook Provides comprehensive, detailed requirement statements, with guidance on compliance issues and inspection procedures and practices
Scoresheet Enables quick recording of a facility s compliance status for each requirement. Additional features include customizable scoresheets in Microsoft Word® and Excel®.