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International Health and Safety Legal Registers - Turkey
Convergence Consulting LLC
The International Health and Safety Legal Registers provide health and safety legal registers for offices and retail operations. There are over 45 country-specific Legal Registers in both English and the national language where appropriate. They provide an inventory of laws and regulations that relate to health and safety within an office (administrative, sales, non-manufacturing) or retail setting, and are presented as a list of formal legal citations or references.

Two options are available independently and can fully integrate with each others providing a high degree of compliance support:

Legal Register Plus enables users to develop their own site-specific register that becomes the health and safety regulatory framework from which the site operates. Legal Register Plus may also be used as a regulatory resource to meet the requirements of OHSAS 18001 management systems. This Register allows site-specific customization of the generic country register.

Audit and Corrective Action Workflows are tailored for audit or self-assessment. It is a checklist of the specific legal requirements, in contrast to a summary of the legislation as provided in the Legal Register.  The requirements for each piece of the legislation are presented in a question format and supplemented with guide notes. The Checklist can be delivered through a web portal in the read only version or integrated into the Audit/Action workflow.  This EHSmartStart workflow captures the answers to the checklist questions and presents the data in a variety of useful formats and reports, e.g. dashboard, metrics, corrective action tracking and trending.

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Legal Register Plus combined with Legal Register With Checklists $4,500.00.

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  • Chemical management for chemical and hazardous materials used in an office environment
  • Cafeteria and food preparation requirements
  • Fire safety and emergency evacuation
  • Fleet and driver safety  
  • General health and safety    
  • Machine and electrical safety     
  • Material handling                 
  • Special measures for pregnant women
  • Special measures for young people
  • Special measures for disabled workers
  • Workplace hygiene
  • And more
  • Descriptive summary of health and safety country laws and regulations
  • Organized by health and safety topic
  • Descriptive summary of the law or regulation
  • Presented in dual language (national language and English)
  • Keyword searchable
  • Easily customized
  • Export to  Excel
  • Includes screening questions that determine if the law or regulation applies to the site
  • Can be used as a list of laws and regulations to meet OHSAS 18000 requirements
  • Sets the foundation for a site-specific audit/self-assessment checklist
  • And more