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Specialty Technical Publishers (STP) is one of North America's premier publishers of comprehensive technical online resource guides in the areas of environmental, health and safety, transportation, business practices, standards and laws.

Founded in 1986, STP serves more than 40,000 clients and approximately 1,000,000 users, ranging from Fortune 1000 companies to individual consultancies. STP provides integrated online subscription services for single or multiple users which can be adapted for delivery in most EMIS structures. STP publications are regularly updated to reflect new regulations in an ever-expanding range of topic areas.

STP publications are designed specifically for compliance and audit managers, professionals, and business leaders who want practical interpretation and application of rules and regulations in the North American and international arenas.

Meet the Team

Gail Ankiewicz

Gail Ankiewicz,

Gail has a qualification in Food & Clothing Technology from Durban University of Technology in South Africa. Before joining Specialty Technical Publishers she worked at the University of Pietermaritzburg and then transitioned into the banking industry where she began her long and varied technical sales and consulting career, incorporating high level account management. This continued in Canada working for Retail & Standards Authorities. As President of Specialty Technical Publishers, Gail Ankiewicz oversees the group’s environmental health, safety compliance and auditing division, and has managed STP’s transition from paper-based products to full online publishing as well as software partner relationships and integrations. She is based in Vancouver, Canada.

Gisela Temmel

Gisela Temmel,
Director of Editing

Gisela Temmel has had a 20-year career in editing and publishing, working with trade books, reference guides, technical reports and magazines for print and online delivery. Her subject areas have included business law and accounting, local government, construction, transportation, environmental law and health and wellness.

As Director of Editing at STP, she leads a team of editors who, together with expert authors, develop original content and regularly update STP's extensive range of publications.

In her free time, she enjoys the great outdoors and social dancing.

Roxane Cinnamon

Roxane Cinnamon,
Director of Sales and Training

Roxane joined the STP Team in 2010 as a Training Facilitator, bringing with her over 15 years of experience in sales, finance and client services. Having previously worked for a standards development company, Roxane recognizes the importance of understanding and applying standards properly. Combined with her interest in assisting the public, Roxane is pleased to use her experience to further client utilization and knowledge of STP guides and delivery methods.

In her spare time, Roxane enjoys various athletic activities, reading, and spending time with her friends and family.

Calvin Liu

Calvin Liu,
Senior Developer

Calvin was born in Beijing, China. He is an IT professional, devoted to system architecture and software development. He graduated from Peking University and has a Masters in Education from the Chinese Academy of Science. He also has a Project Management Diploma from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver.

Calvin has over 15 years' experience working as a Software developer, Business Analyst, and Solution Architect for global companies. Planning and executing large scale IT projects locally and overseas. He recently reunited with his family in Vancouver and is excited with the opportunities offered by the IT role at STP.

He enjoys reading and travelling in his spare time.

Rafy Zhao

Rafy Zhao,
Senior Developer

Rafy Zhao is a full-stack Web & Mobile Application Developer who joined the STP IT Team in 2013. He has a Masters of Engineering from the Beijing Institute of Technology. Before Rafy moved to Canada he had been working as an IT manager in Beijing for over 15 years. Now his primary focus and inspiration is Web Development.

Deborah Bergen

Deborah Bergen,
Strategic Partner Manager

Consummate high-end relationship executive with over thirty-year’s experience in the environmental, health and safety arena. Deborah spent the bulk of her career delivering value added regulatory and compliance solutions to fortune 1000 companies. Her current role includes managing the Strategic Partnerships for Specialty Technical Publishers (STP) to enable the integration of global compliance and audit requirements within various environmental management system platforms.

Adam Wilson

Adam Wilson,
Business Development Manager

Adam joined STP in 2018 to work specifically with our integrator-partners in a role that punctuates STP’s excitement over our clients’ increasing interest in using our auditing content within environmental management information systems (EMIS). He brings 15 years’ work-experience in helping companies solve EHS compliance challenges and an MBA from Johns Hopkins University, which is near his home in Washington, DC. His heritage home there provides an ample canvas for his favorite pastimes, carpentry and gardening.

Mary MacPhee

Mary MacPhee,
Account Manager

Mary joined STP in 2018 bringing with her 20 years of experience in technology working within the CRM, Industrial Automation and Transportation verticals. Mary recognizes the importance of understanding critical business challenges for her customers and applying a solution.

In her spare time, Mary enjoys travel, sports, and spending time with family and friends.

Shahvir Patell

Shahvir Patell,
Account Manager

Shahvir Patell joined Specialty Technical Publishers in 2018. He has a history of working with fortune 500 and fortune 1000 companies. His main focus areas are account management, business development and prospecting for new business.

His spare time finds him exploring new places, experimenting with different cuisines, keeping fit and checking out the latest music.

Debbie Downs

Debbie Downs,
Account Manager

Debbie joined STP in 2017 with 25+ years of experience in sales, business development, and is diligent about building and maintaining relationships. Having been a business owner for many years Debbie recognizes the challenges and works hard to provide clients with a solution.

In her spare time Debbie enjoys travel, family and spending time with friends.

Lee Grindley-Ferris

Lee Grindley-Ferris,
Account Manager

Lee’s qualifications in Analytical Chemistry together with Quality Management Certification as well as her 20 years of experience preparing documentation for the manufacture of explosives, industrial chemicals, agricultural, veterinary and plastic products specifications and analytical methods covering all raw material procurement, through intermediate and final product production have contributed to her knowledge.

Working with the handling and disposal of toxic and hazardous material and waste in Canada before joining STP, provided a further solid foundation to understanding the regulatory landscape in North America. After many years at STP, she continues offering STP’s range of protocols both nationally and internationally.

STP News & Blog

Specialty Technical Publishers Announces Dual Language International Audit Protocols
March 21, 2019

Specialty Technical Publishers is pleased to announce that local language International Audit Protocols are now available for Brazil, China, Mexico, Quebec, Canada and France. The China and Mexico local language protocols will be updated again this year, while the Quebec and France protocols are newly updated. The protocols provide all of the compliance and regulatory data in both English and the local language. Better yet, the English version exactly mirrors the local language version in a side by side format to improve efficiency and communication.

To learn more or request a demonstration please contact your account facilitator on free phone 1-800-251-0381 or email stpsales@stpub.com

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Feb 10 – Feb 13 Cority Nashville, TN
March 4 – 5 NAEM Tech New Orleans, LA
April 14 Enablon Houston, TX
April 22 - April 23 EHS Congress Berlin, Germany
April 24 – April 25 IAPC Hamburg, Germany
April 28 - 29 IAPC Cambridge, MA
May 5 ProcessMap Fort Lauderdale, FL
May 5 - 7 NAEM Columbus, OH
May 6 – 7 Gensuite Orlando, FL
June 15 - 18 VelocityEHS Santa Clara, CA
October 5 - 7 Enablon Chicago, IL
October 20 - 23 NAEM Fort Worth, TX


STP welcomes applications from qualified individuals. STP is a small but dynamic organization and the work culture is collaborative and supportive, seeking to explore employees' career goals and fully utilize their skill sets.