Standard Model

Standard Model Partners

Standard Model Partners provides Consulting, Engineering, Education, Monitoring and Review Services in various Risk Management domains, and delivers a unique risk-driven approach to business. Core competencies in Enterprise-wide Risk Management (ERM), Security and Resilience are standardized for use in Risk Management Applications that empowers technology users with our experience. Standard Model Partners proudly serves customers in financial services, energy, mining and metals, public transport, cultural heritage, government, manufacturing, supply chain and healthcare.

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Rivo Sphera

Rivo Sphera

Rivo (A Sphera Company) Safety, Security & Sustainability Software Solutions manage risk and performance for organizations around the world. Rivo unlocks value for their customers by providing technology to manage safety, security and sustainability resulting in increased efficiency, performance and protection of people, assets and reputations. They use their expertise to continually evolve their pervasive technology platform maintaining superior quality for customers in across multiple industries. They have over 200,000 users in 180+ customers across 87 countries in 36 languages – a truly global business. From their locations in EMEA, the Americas and Asia Pacific they support their customers every step of the way, 24/7

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ProcessMAP is a leading provider of cloud based enterprise software solutions that empower organizations to manage risk in key areas: Health, Safety and Environment, Sustainability, and Enterprise Compliance. Leveraging ProcessMAP’s integrated suite of solutions, leading companies – from global conglomerates to mid-market companies – establish consistency, garner real-time insight to improve EHS performance, and make better business decisions. Harnessing the benefits of a true multi-tenant cloud platform, our clients experience rapid implementation time frames, continuous no-cost upgrades, and 24/7 access – from anywhere; on any device. Our solutions are deployed in over 90 countries with more than 1,000 users utilizing 25 languages. With over 14 years of global domain expertise, ProcessMAP delivers exceptional results through the following solution modules – available as an end-to end solution or as modular components. Read more about the STP/ProcessMap partnership here.

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Marsh ClearSight

Marsh ClearSight LLC

Marsh ClearSight LLC, a business unit of Marsh, LLC, is the global leader in technology, analytics and data service solutions across risk, safety, and claims management. With the industry’s first integrated platform that brings together data-driven workflow applications, analytics and collaboration tools, Marsh ClearSight uniquely provides its customers with actionable insights to optimize decisionmaking across the risk lifecycle.
Marsh ClearSight is a cloud-based, end-to-end platform for dynamic risk management that redefines traditional risk management information systems (RMIS). For clients and the industry, the innovations in Marsh ClearSight deliver a single, integrated, way to make more informed decisions around evaluating, mitigating and managing risk. The platform, which includes third-party tools and data, provides multi-party collaboration and also features dynamic workflow applications and real-time data and analytics to help clients understand their total cost of risk from anywhere, on any device.

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Gensuite provides solutions to companies with global compliance process digitization needs. The innovative, Web-based applications are developed on a patented architecture to help customers turn complex compliance requirements into actionable processes. All Gensuite products allow individual operations to manage their EHS data and enable real-time performance monitoring to meet company EHS expectations and compliance requirements. To find out more, download the GENSUITE brochure or contact us.

Gensuite applications are continuously supported, maintained and enhanced by a team with rich domain expertise in compliance digitization and with a deep understanding of specific process needs, operations and priorities. Applications are the result of a unique “inside-out”, “bottom-up”, Six Sigma-based EHS digitization philosophy. Of the 13 domestic United States EHS Audit protocols that Specialty Technical Publishers offer, 11 are already in use within the Gensuite system.

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The global leader in SaaS-based enterprise EHSQ solutions announces new name and growth strategy “Cority stands for embracing the strong core values and the rich history our company was built upon and for upholding an unwavering commitment to our clients around the world,” said Mark Wallace, CEO of Medgate. “Our new name exemplifies and combines our core values of integrity, quality, customer centricity, community, and diversity into a modern and concise name. We are thrilled to introduce Cority to the world.” Medgate has been the market leader in occupational health and industrial hygiene software for more than 30 years. As demand for integrated EHS solutions has increased, Medgate has expanded its award-winning safety and environmental software capabilities.

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IsoMetrix brings together, in a single system, all requirements for managing business risk, legal compliance, governance and sustainability. Optimise business using a system that provides an over-arching solution for all elements of GRC, from Health, Safety, Environment and Community to Enterprise Risk Management, Sustainability, Primary Healthcare and Wellness, and Social Management. IsoMetrix offers integrated solutions for environmental, social and corporate governance, sustainability, health and safety management, enterprise risk management, as well as internal audit and compliance. With offices in Johannesburg, Atlanta, Toronto and Perth, and implementation partners on four continents, IsoMetrix is geared to service both global and local organizations.

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Enablon is the leader in Sustainability Performance Management Software offering complete and integrated software solutions and on- demand services for:

• Corporate Responsibility
• Sustainable Supply Chain
• QEHS Performance (Quality, Environment, Health and Safety)
• Energy Efficiency and Carbon Management
• Risk Management, Internal Control and Audit
• Corporate Governance and Legal Management

Enablon allows organizations to embrace the ever evolving business and regulatory environment and gain a competitive advantage through better controls and operational management. Enablon firmly believes that companies can go beyond regulatory compliance to transform these requirements into valued assets and in so doing strengthen and optimize their business. STP’s EHS audit protocols are available through Enablon’s software platform.

Enablon facilitates reliable data collection, reporting and management. Solutions are rapidly implemented and offer a practical and effective response to all of your sustainability performance management needs including:

• Regulatory compliance and transparency
• Improvement of operational performance
• Risk prevention and management

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CMO COMPLIANCE™ Miratech is one of the world’s leading Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) Incident Reporting management software solutions, to manage occurrences or incidents that causes an interruption to standard operation, whether it is a risk that has eventuated, or a lack of, or break in, compliance to law, policy, procedure, licensing or standards.

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Convergence Consulting LLC

Convergence Consulting LLC

Convergence Consulting LLC is an environmental, health and safety (EHS) and social management consultancy that focuses on international projects and programs. The company has a business model that facilitates consistently high-quality services across countries through use of the interdisciplinary teams that are needed for effective EHS and social management consulting.

The services of Convergence Consulting include:

Auditing and assessment for legal compliance, management systems and internal policies and standards. Corporate strategic consulting for development of management systems (ISO, EMAS, OHSAS, etc) and EHS performance strategies. Consulting support services for outsourced staffing, compliance, training and benchmarking. Convergence Consulting, along with several of its clients, formed a consortium whose mission is the development of country-specific EHS compliance support tools tailored to office and retail (nonmanufacturing) operations, using a cost-shared business model. The consortium membership grows each year, as does the number of countries covered. Currently over 50 jurisdictions are covered. The foundation tool developed under the consortium is a set of International Health and Safety Legal Registers available through Specialty Technical Publishers.

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